Brothers jailed for preying on women leaving bars on their own

Two brothers who targeted lone women after nights out have been jailed for a string of sex attacks.

Nazmul Ahmed, 26, and Selim Ahmed, 32, posed as minicab drivers to sexually assault the young women and take their bank cards. Four women reported the men for targeting them in central London.

The first victim fell asleep in Nazmul’s car after being picked up in Russell Square, but woke up to him sexually assaulting her. The second woke up in a hotel room with no memory of how she got there and her phone and bank cards were missing. It later emerged that Nazmul had raped her.

He also enlisted his girlfriend Dora Vavrova, 26, to defraud her of £3,000. The third victim got a lift home from Nazmul from a bar in Shoreditch. She also woke up to find him sexually assaulting her and had money taken from her bank account.

Nazmul was arrested the following day and, during the subsequent investigation, his brother Selim was found to have carried out a similar offence.

He pulled up at a bus stop in Shoreditch in January last year, posing as a minicab driver, offering to give her a lift home. Another man in the car, Levi Croll, 19, posed as a legitimate customer and assured her everything was okay.

However, she was sexually assaulted by Selim when they both briefly left the vehicle.

Nazmul has been jailed for 16 years while Selim will be sentenced later this month. Vavrova was given community service and Croll will be sentenced for kidnap on May 22.

Detective Inspector Louise Caveen said: ‘Nazmul and Selim Ahmed are predatory offenders, who have deliberately targeted vulnerable women to sexually assault and defraud them.

‘Through a large scale and detailed investigation, my team were able to link the Ahmeds to this pattern of behaviour, which they continued to deny in the face of overwhelming evidence.

‘Thankfully my team were able to prove their involvement beyond doubt. We continue to investigate whether they have committed other offences.

‘I would like to thank the four women who gave evidence in these cases and I hope that the sentences passed will be of some comfort to them, as well as ensuring other members of the public are protected from these men.

‘My officers are trained to give specialist support to victims of sexual assault and I would urge anyone who has been the victim of such behaviour to come forward and speak to us.’