Man Is Caught On Camera Mowing The Lawn For A Blind Woman

Ann Darby and her mother, Rebecca Cox, got an unusual alert from their Ring doorbell camera.

“It was a guy mowing the lawn on a zero-turn, in dark overalls and a fluorescent shirt,” Darby said. “We assumed it was the city.”

The next day when Darby’s husband called the City of Topeka, they said it wasn’t them who mowed Rebecca’s lawn. Rebecca is blind, so Ann and her husband have been caring for her at their home in Caney during the stay-at-home order.

Ann said they had planned to make the nearly three-hour drive this weekend to mow the lawn themselves, but things have been busy.

“He’s a truck driver so he’s been out and about,” Darby said. “And I’ve got a newborn and two boys so I couldn’t just go up there.”

Darby said none of them recognize the man on the mower but have one message for his act of kindness.

“Took a load off my mind,” Darby said. “Because I would’ve had to bring the kids and all that so whoever it was, thank you.”

Ann said they’d love to find out who the man is so they can thank him and let him know they’re happy to pay him if he wants to keep mowing Rebecca’s lawn.